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Learn how to grow lush flowers in your yard, how to grow hydroponic vegetable and herbs indoors, plus so much more. Take a look at all of the different planting options that will make your home really shine with lush plants for any time of year.

Get started by selecting your state above. We have years' worth of records, averages, and temperature information to find you exactly what plants will grow best in your state's state climate. By studying and factoring in your growing zone, latitude, longitude, historical average almanac temperatures and more, let the show you the best plants for your state's climate to get you up and growing quickly and easily this season, whether you are an amateur gardener, a seasoned horticulturalist, or just getting started.

Composting Made Easy

Composting in your own self contained composting unit is one of the most affordable ways to provide your new plants with the proper nutrients they need while cutting down on the amount you will have to spend on soil from your local garden supplier.

Starting your compost pile is as easy as purchasing a ready made container from a site like You can click on the picture to go to Amazon to see this particular composting bin. This self contained unit also allows for easy rotation of the compost ingredients, allowing for best possible decomposing of the component ingredients, releasing all of the nutrients that will make your garden or house plants overflow with new growth this season.

Visit our blog for more tips on starting a compost pile.

Plant ideas for every climate are available on our site. In addition to finding the best plants for your area, please take a moment to visit some of our partners listed below. With the right plants and the right gardening products you are going to be well on your way to a beautiful home this season.

Growing With Hydroponics

Growing a hydroponic garden is one of the best ways to grow lush herbs, flowers and other plants in the comfort of your home.

With just a little effort you can grow the very best plants in small spaces in a self contained unit. Click on the picture to learn more about purchasing this hydroponic unit on Amazon.

Hydroponics may seem intimidating at first but provide a compact solution for growing your favorite plants indoors. With a little bit of experimentation and a small investment, you too can be growing lush herbs, vegetables and more right on your kitchen counter.

Hydroponic gardens aren't as hard as you may think. For fabulous produce on your countertop it really only takes three basic steps.

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